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Quit While You're Ahead

I’m probably going to get a lot of hate for this one, and you’re probably thinking,

“This idiot starts a Blog to help bands be successful and is telling them to quit? what the hell?”

No, I’m not outright telling you to give up or quit; I do, however, want you to be realistic.

Being successful in the music industry is neither fast nor easy the first thing you need to do is decide here and now

what success means to you. Is it signing a record deal and being just like your favorite bands,

or is it just making enough money consistently to quit your day job?

To be successful, there will be sleepless nights, long days, and a lot of hustle and grind to make that happen.

Are you willing to sacrifice time, money, and sleep to reach your goals? Are you willing to put in the massive amount of work that’s required?

Are you determined to see this through to the end? These are the decisions you need to make now. You can be successful, and no one expects you to spend all day every day on this, but you will have to make sacrifices, and you need to be ready to do so.

If you can’t see yourself realistically doing that, and I don’t mean “hell yeah, I want to be a rockstar,” I’m talking about “ This is my dream, my goal in life, the only thing I want, and I want it more than my body wants to breathe.” because until you are that determined the odds of you losing motivation and quitting are incredibly high. Motivation is temporary and erratic. Determination, especially when bordering on obsession, is permanent and a driving force that will propel your career.

So no, I’m not telling you to sell your gear and get a real job. My goal is to hopefully light a fire in you and make clear to you that it’s not going to be easy, there’s no such thing as overnight success, and failure is part of the process, so decide what your end goal is and learn to love the process of getting there.

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